Friday, April 9, 2010

My Future...

Just had an awesome informational interview with the Madison Ad2 President Brian Lee. We met at the Great Dane downtown and grabbed some food. The interview went great and Brian answered all of my questions honestly and also gave me some great insight into the field of public relations.

After our conversation I realized how much work and effort was needed to actually make it, in any career. Brian gave me some very helpful constructive criticism as well as inspired me to make myself better. I pretty much learned that I need to kick myself in the ass and immerse myself in the world of marketing. Sounds like after my mini vacation to Tunica, Mississippi, I will be very busy.

On a side note....... I just stopped at Alumni Boardshop to check out their shoes and fell in love with Nike's sb wallenberg dunk low.....shweeet.

Totes Magoats

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thoughts of the day...(formerly known as "Deep Thoughts")

First of all, Brewers win!!! Bucks win!!! Awesome day already...thought about owning my own business...thought about using my time more wisely....wondered what my day would be like if i was someone else...vacation is coming very soon...the Dentyne ad campaign that makes them look like condoms is great, i love it....Frida Kahlo reposado tequila is excellent...holy shit it's raining and lightning really hard...that's what she said...anal bleaching(don't ask) i ready to try...and fail...realized i do have a baby face....even though it is a fat one....what will be my next tattoo....gotta get in shape for crazy legs....holy shit do i have way too much school really necessary with proper training....f#*k it, i'm going to try... and a million other things a mile a minute. Man my head is filled with some deep ass thoughts....ha

Monday, April 5, 2010

Duke Wins, Kyle Singler Renamed

First of all, YES!!!! Finally, Duke rests atop the mountain of colleges yearning for greatness. But, more importantly, I am here tonight to introduce my idea...a nickname for Kyle Singler. "Gingerbread Man." Need I say more? Let me know what you think. Great game, great team, great nickname. Let's get this thing rollin'.